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Tips to enjoy your cycling holiday

25 February 2016 - Anthony Laplagne

A cycling holiday is one of the best ways to explore a new country or see a new side to a location you’ve previously visited. From the saddle, you’ll be able to get closer to the landscape, the people and their culture. So, if you are planning a bicycle holiday this year, here are a few top cycling holiday tips to help you have a wheelie good time:

1. Perfect planning
What type of trip are you planning? Are you a seasoned, independent traveller who’s going to go it alone? Or will you take advantage of a self -guided or guided cycling holiday?

On a self-guided or guided tour, your itinerary, route, accommodation and your luggage will be taken care of – leaving you free to enjoy the ride. At europe active we specialise in cycling holidays. Whether you are interested in adventure cycle tours through Tuscan mountains or a more leisurely cycling holiday in France, you can find out more about what’s on offer at

2. Fitness and ability
Cycling is for every stage and ability. However, to truly enjoy the experience, you will need some level of physical fitness.

It’s best to think about both your cycling ability and fitness level then match these to the type of bicycle holiday you want to take. For instance, are you looking for a physical challenge on your trip or are you after something more leisurely?  Do you want to cycle on the flat or attempt some tougher terrain?  How far do you want to cycle each day? Will it be a long distance cycling trip? Think about these questions and choose your cycling routes accordingly.

Cycling routes

4. Bike safety

It’s a good idea to know your way around a bike. You’ll have lots of support on a guided or self guided tour – but it can be useful to know how to repair a puncture or a chain and adjust your saddle or brakes. Some bicycle shops offer courses or you can find a plethora of tutorials online. For cycling tips like this, take a look at YouTube.

5. Rules, codes and language

A cycling holiday will bring you closer to the country you are visiting. You’ll experience the local people and culture first hand so it’s handy to do a little reading before you go and be prepared with a few key phrases and have a grasp of the cycling code / rules for that area.

For instance, you should always wear a helmet but in some areas – particularly in Europe, it is a legal requirement. These are the things you need to be prepared for. Go to the European Commission’s transport pages for some useful road cycling tips.

6. Insurance

Read the small print on your travel insurance policy to make sure it is appropriate for cycling holidays. For instance, does it cover your bike in terms of cover against theft? If there’s a medical emergency and you have your own bike with you, how will it be transported home?

7. Packing list

For road cycling trips, make sure you have a helmet, gloves, lycra shorts (you can wear other items over these), trainers, a breathable or wicking sports top and waterproof jacket.  

Cycling holidays in France

If you are booking your trip through europe active, you’ll be able to hire a bike suited to your trip. In some cases you will be able to take your own bike with you – and if that’s your preference, you just need to organise that as part of your luggage allowance for your flight / train journey etc. And if you are flying with your bike, you just need to check how the airline prefers the bike to be packed – for instance sometimes the pedals need to be removed etc.  For more information you can visit our ‘cycling holiday checklist’.

So if this sounds good and your ready to book your cycling holiday,  check out europe-active’s site for the best selection of road cycling holidays and adventure cycling tours across Europe. From a road cycling holiday in France to a mountain biking holiday in Italy or an adventure cycling holiday through the Alps – europe active have it all.

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