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Cycling Cape Corsica and the Gulf of St Florent

18 March 2016 - Harriet Bristow


Cycling Cape Corsica and the Gulf of St Florent – here’s why Corsica is a destination not to be missed!

Corsica is known as the Isle of Beauty – and rightly so. It is the ultimate escape.  If you’re planning your break this year, here are just some of the reasons why Corsican cycling holidays are not to be missed:

-       Europe Active – the adventure cycling tours specialist has everything you need for a perfect cycling holiday on Corsica. Their  3 day self guided leisure cycling tour around the Cape of Corsica and the Gulf of St Florent will take care of accommodation, luggage transfer, bike rental, maps and road cycling tips
-       Touring Corsica by bike means you’ll be on one of Europe’s best cycling routes. It’s the ideal way to really get close to the iconic attractions of the area.

Cycling Cape Corsica

-       This route starts and ends in Bastia – a bustling old port. It’s the best location to experience modern day Corsica. Bastia is very authentic but at the same time is non touristy. With Europe Active you’ll be able to give yourself plenty of time to explore its atmospheric streets and boutiques.
-       Bastia’s Terra Vecchia area is at the heart of the town and during the weekend, you’ll be able to enjoy its fantastic street markets. Then there’s the Place St Nicolas at the seafront named after the patron saint of sailors – it’s lined with fabulous terraced café’s selling the very best of Corsican specialities.
-       The tour route then heads towards the Cape of Corsica along the stunning coast road. From here you’ll see the kind of views that epitomise Corsica – rugged shorelines and dramatic cliffs.
-       Then the route heads out west as you descend the Cape. The landscape changes again - but still stunning and wild. You’ll cycle through hills scattered with Genoese towers until you reach small fishing ports towards the west.

Cycling Cape Corsica

-       As you leave the Cape, the tour route heads south towards St Florent – you’ll be riding through Patrimonio, the Corsican capital of wine making, and you’ll have fabulous views of the gulf as you go.
-       St Florent itself was created in the 15th century so as you can imagine is an atmospheric little place. Catch sight of the Genoese citadel that dates back to the creation of the city itself.

With all this on offer, it is very easy to fall in love with this wild French beauty.

It is clear that Corsica and long distance cycling go very well together. Three days on your bike with Europe Active’s leisure cycling tour will reward you with culture, breath taking views and a memorable trip and a wild, beautiful and authentic island.

If you want to find out more about Europe Active and its other tours, visit for more information.

You can visit our blog too for more cycling holiday tips and bike riding tips – including everything from what to pack for a long distance cycling holiday through to bike safety tips. We’re a font of knowledge of bikes and holidays.

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