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Cycling holiday checklist

28 March 2016 - Anthony Laplagne

Here at Europe Active, we are experts in helping you have the best adventure holidays. And we think that you can have the ultimate adventure on a cycling holiday.  

For instance, by doing a cycling tour in your destination of choice, you’ll become infinitely closer to the culture, the locals, the food and the undoubtedly beautiful surroundings. What’s more, your social media updates about your cycling holiday will probably look far more impressive than those of your friends who are spending their time by the pool bar.  Start your adventure by taking a look at the cycling tours and trips we have on offer at

So if you’re off on an adventure aboard a bike, here’s a handy list of the cycle items you’ll need to bring with you and the to do list you need to complete before you set off on your cycling holidays.  

We think this is THE only list you’ll ever need to make the most of bicycle holidays.

Before you go:
-      Find your passport and check it is in date.
-      Service your bike (if you are bringing it with you).
-      Or, book a bike through your tour company.
-      Check your insurance and make any relevant updates. For instance, are you covered for cycling in your chosen location?
-      Think about how you want to use your phone abroad.

  • If you don’t want to use it – then switch off your data roaming.
  • If you do want to use it, then check you can use your domestic allowance abroad or talk to your provider about the best option for you.
  • If you are in the UK, Ofcom has information online or visit your provider’s website. 

-      If you do want to make contact with those at home whilst you are away – look at options like Skype, WhatsApp etc which you can make use via free wifi you may have access to.
-      Sort out your holiday money and order it.

Cycling holiday checklist

Personal items
-      Chamois cream!
-      Passport.
-      Cash.
-      Credit card.
-      Insurance details.
-      Flight details and boarding passes.
-      Eye mask and ear plugs for flight.
-      Adaptors for plugs.
-      Phone and charger.
-      Camera and charger and helmet camera if you have one).
-      Laptop and charger.
-      First aid kit, medication, sun cream, after sun, insect repellent and painkillers.
-      Toiletries – (remember chamois cream!) and check flight requirements or restrictions on these items. There’s a good UK guide at or check with your airline or airport.
-      Any camping material / bedding you might need.
-      Casual non cycling clothing for the evening.

Cycling items to pack

Your bike
-      If you are bringing your own bike, make sure it’s relevant for the type of trip you’ve booked. Bring a mountain bike for a mountain biking tour and a road bike for… you’ve guessed it… a road bike trip!
-      Find out about how your airline prefers you to prepare and pack your bike. There are good guides online, including this one at Two Wheel Travel Blog but always check with your airline first.
-      Check out what an airline charges to take your bike and how much notice they need, if any. There’s a good, but slightly dated, guide at sky scanner.

Cycle clothing
Check the weather forecast at your location and then pack the following cycle gear:

-      Helmet.
-      Sun glasses.
-      Warm hat or cap.
-      Cycle shorts.
-      Cycle tights.
-      Cycle tops or sports tops (breathable and wicking), (long and short sleeved).
-      Base layers.
-      Breathable, waterproof jacket.
-      Cycle socks, gloves, shoes.
-      Swimming kit.
-      Sport towel.

Cycling holiday checklist

Cycle kit / cycle gear
On supported adventure cycling tours with europe active, we bring cycling parts and spares in the support vehicle. But it’s always a good idea to bring spares or things / brands you are particularly accustomed to. Also bring a fully stocked saddle bag. For instance:
-      Water bottle and cages.
-      Lights.
-      Pedals and saddle (for rental bikes).
-      Multi tool.
-      Chain breaker.

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