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What to look for when choosing a helmet and gloves

14 April 2016 - Anthony Laplagne

If you do any cycling, it’s essential that you wear the best cycling helmet possible. If you cycle any distance, like on a cycling holiday, then you’ll be more comfortable if you wear gloves.

There’s a lot of choice out there –  so the team at Europe Active – the bicycle holidays specialist – have put together a handy guide to help you choose the best cycling helmet and gloves for you:


  1. Type of helmet
    There are a variety of helmet designs available for adults, for both men and women, children, leisure cycling, performance and adventure cycling. 
  2. Safety
    Safety should always be at the very top of your list when choosing a cycle helmet. It should have a European CE EN 1078 sticker – this is proof it’s been rigorously tested for its construction, shock absorption, field of vision and fastening/retention devices. 
  3. Fit
    You should buy a helmet that allows you to modify the exact fit to suit your head size and shape. You should also buy one that allows you to wear a thermal cap on colder days. 
  4. Try before you buy
    Go to a shop and try the helmet on. See how it fits you and how comfortable it is on your head. 
  5. Comfort
    A vented helmet can be more comfortable. Venting makes the helmet lighter and helps heat escape. The best cycling helmet will have good levels of padding – which can be removed and washed and will also wick sweat and moisture away from your head. 
  6. Lifespan
    A good helmet should last 8 – 9 years. However, it should be replaced it if it receives any impact, like a fall or crash. 

So whether it’s for your adventure cycling tours or the regular commute, a helmet is paramount and the list above will help you choose the right one. 
And whilst we are on the subject of kit, you might want to think about cycling gloves also.

Cycling helmet and gloves


Cycling gloves are a good idea if you cycle regularly or if you’re going on a bicycle holiday. At Europe Active – the adventure cycling tour specialist, we’ve put together some top tips on why gloves are a good idea, and what to look for when choosing a pair:

  1. Why use gloves
    They’ll protect your hands from the elements and will also protect you in the event of a crash. Gloves help with shock absorption and will also improve your grip. 
  2. Type of gloves
    There are two main types – fingerless or full gloves. Full gloves are useful if you are regularly changing gear. Warmth is the other differentiating factor. 
  3. Temperature
    Gloves are for all weathers. In winter they will keep you warm, and in summer they can help control perspiration and improve grip. The material is the key – you’ll find lightweight, waterproof, breathable and windproof options on the market. 

You might not think of gloves as being an important part of your cycling kit, but they can make the greatest difference to you –for both your commute and your cycling holidays! 

And if you are planning to give your new cycling helmet and best cycling gloves a test, visit to view some of the fantastic cycling tours Europe that we have on offer.


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