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Reasons to take up cycling

30 May 2016 - Anthony Laplagne

The team at Europe Active – the cycling holiday specialists – are obviously fans of cycling. It’s something that we thoroughly enjoy and we know the benefits of cycling are vast:

This is an obvious one, but perhaps the most important one. So, it’s fitting to start our list of reasons to take up cycling under the heading of ‘health’. Cycling is an exercise and a hobby that will boost your immune system. The cells in your body will become more active with exercise. It’s an exercise that gives a good workout to the muscles in your lower body. It’s an excellent exercise for cardiovascular fitness – all this and it does not put the strain on your joints that perhaps running will do. It will also help you burn more fat, and if you are eating healthily, you might also lose weight as a result.

Reduced risk
If you cycle regularly then it can reduce your risk of cardio vascular disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and obesity.

Studies have shown that three 45-minute long bike rides per week have shown people to become 9 years biologically younger over time.

Reasons to take up cycling

Studies have also shown that exercise like cycling contributes to cardio-respiratory fitness. This in turn can improve mental performance. Cycling will build new brain cells, and boost blood flow to the brain – making your brain perform better.

Environmentally friendly
If you combine cycling with travel for things like commuting then you are being kinder to the environment by avoiding using your car or other public transport methods like the bus etc.

It is an easy sport to master. Once you’ve learned how to ride a bike, you won’t forget, as the saying goes. And it’s a sport that requires little physical skill.

You chose
You can choose how intense or how easy you want your bike ride to be. You can do low intensity cycles and build your fitness from there.

Better sleep
Cycling helps you sleep better, too. If you do a good workout on your bike, chances are that you’ll sleep more deeply because your body will be ready to rest.  Plus, if you are exercising outside during daylight hours you will help what’s known as your ‘circadian rhythm’ and this will help reduce the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone in your body.

So, are you ready to capitalise on the benefits of cycling?  If you are ready to get back on your bike, or get on a bike for the first time ever, check out our blog which is full of information on cycling with tips on helmets, footwear and planning a cycling route.

Perhaps you are even thinking of traveling further afield with your bike on your cycling holidays? Visit Europe Active’s website at for information on cycling holidays and adventure cycling holidays in some fabulous locations across Europe.

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